Women’s Ciranda (Circle)

Adriana Bisconsin Women’s Ciranda with a NEW theme in 2020. Please wait for more information.

“Women’s Ciranda” proposes evolutionary and serene changes. It is a composition of two complementary subjects, though independent from one another:
– “Women’s Ciranda” – Based on Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s book; and
– “Women’s Ciranda – Tenderness Links: Love embroidered in the sky between Mother and Daughter” – Adriana Bisconsin.
Through the delicate and tranquil dance, the harmonic movements and the silence and rhythmic pauses, the wisdom and interior peace are made present.
In every new issue of Women’s Ciranda, a new subject arouses and enchants, awakens the female magic and brings up life stories… Stories of each one, stories built that teach, bring light, transform, relieve the heart, heal and recreate memories and, above all, embellish the life of our soul and of the world.
“What I can do as the facilitator of a Women’s Circle is to offer them a sacred space – a space that gives them the opportunity to open themselves to their own knowledge and revert to some stories that made them get to where they are now. The look behind moves forward what lies ahead of us.” Adriana Bisconsin.

Info: giraflor@dancascirculares.org

Phone: +55 41- 99283- 6190

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Adriana Bisconsin: Co-founder of Giraflor Danças Circulares, created in 2006. Music Therapist, Writer and Researcher of music applied to Circle Dances. Facilitator and Choreographer of Circle Dances since 2004. Circle Dance Training with Friedel Kloke-Eibl: Meditation Des Tanzes. Master in Neurolinguistics Programming. Teacher of Circle Dance workshops in several Brazilian States. Teacher of Circle Dances at Centro de Capacitação em Artes Guido Viaro in Paraná State, where she was a pioneer and rooted the Circle Dance legacy. Adriana conducts Circle Dances in the areas of Health, Education and Organic Circle Creations.