Cirandinha – Children’s Dances and Circle GamesCURSO 

This workshop enables the participants to experience children’s dances and circle games so that they can learn how to stimulate the children’s rhythmic, body and affective development. The choreographic repertoire comprises dances and circle games from Brazil and the world.

In this workshop, Giraflor Circle Dances – Adriana Bisconsin will share 14 years of experience in the conduction of children’s dances with children and the training and qualification of teachers for them to act in the classrooms.


  • Repertoire: 50 Children’s Games from Brazil and the World, from Elementary to High School.
  • Public: Arts and Health professionals, Teachers of Dance, Theater, Music and Physical Education, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Social Assistants and Music Therapists.

Information: –WhatsApp: +55 41 99283 6190.

Cirandinha’s Agenda in 2019: Open.