Immersion Brazil – Mandalas in Motion 2020CURSO 

The Circle Dance Mandalas in Motion Immersion workshop is 7 days long.

The repertoire includes the 33 Mandalas and their respective circle dances of the book Mandalas in Motion. The whole choreographic composition was created by Adriana Bisconsin. There are 33 Mandalas, 33 paths of possibilities of rejoining your center.

During the week of the workshop, we will work on Circle Dances related to Life, to Love and to Dance.

These Mandalas in Motion are images of meditation and healing which, once connected to the dance movements, strengthen themselves resulting into a powerful vortex of health, creativity and protection.

The focus of the workshop is the personal building of each one’s own Dance Mandala, aimed at your evolutionary path, at the return to your center, at your origin and shape in motion.

it is a masterpiece that tells in images in motion and choreographies a spiritual path of deep connection to your inner center.

For this workshop, it is recommended that the participant has taken at least one Mandalas in Motion workshop in the modular format.

Length of the workshop: 60 hours.

Location: Mevlana Garden – Imbituba-SC

A retreat about Life, Love and Dance.

Date: March 7 through 13, 2020.


  • Reading of the Mandalas in Motion book;
  • Daily meditations with the Mandalas in Motion;
  • Meditative Night with the Mandalas in Motion;
  • Productive pauses: invitation to silence;
  • Sharing experiences;
  • Creation of your own personal Dancing Mandala;
  • Practice with the Mandalas in Motion cards;

Support and didactic material included: audio visual in a pen drive and printed certificate.

Conduction of the work:

Adriana Bisconsin – Co-founder of Giraflor Danças Circulares, created in 2006. Music Therapist, Researcher of music applied to Circle Dances. Writer. Facilitator and Choreographer of Circle Dances since 2004. Circle Dance Training with Friedel Kloke-Eibl: Meditation Des Tanzes. Master in Neurolinguistics Programming. Teacher of Circle Dance workshops in several Brazilian States. Teacher of Circle Dances at Centro de Capacitação em Artes Guido Viaro in Paraná State, where she was a pioneer and rooted the Circle Dance legacy. Adriana conducts Circle Dances in the areas of Health, Education, Didactics and Organic Circle Creations.

About the location:

About the daily routine during the workshop: We start dancing in the morning, stop for lunch, rest and resume dancing in mid-afternoon. We usually close the day at 6 pm. After dinner, the nights are organized on a daily basis: circle chats, meditative night, free night and practice, productive pauses.

Public: Arts and Health professionals, Circle Dance Teachers, Dances, Theater, Music, Physical Education, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Social Assistants and Music Therapists. And anyone else who feels attracted to experience the benefits of the Circle Dance.

For further information: +55 41 99283 6190 (phone & WhatsApp)

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