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Mandalas in Motion

Mandalas in Motion is a Circle Dance Program comprising 33 mandalas; 33 paths of possibilities for you to reconnect to your center. The 33 mandalas are danced in 11 mandalas per workshop, divided in 3 themes: Life, Love and Dance. These mandalas are images of meditation and healing which, once connected to the dance movements, strengthen themselves resulting into a powerful vortex of health, creativity and protection.

Certainly, just like me, you will be amazed, as this workshop is not only a Circle Dance course; it is rather a masterpiece that tells in mandala images in motion and choreographies a spiritual path of deep connection to your inner center.

In August 2014, inspired by a book of 33 mandalas painted by Monika Cortesi, found in a hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland, Adriana felt that beautiful, sensitive and profound material could be the seed for the development of a work of spirituality, beauty and movement, although she did not know how at that moment.

And so it was. Along almost 4 years, Adriana chose 33 songs, created choreographies and designed her own mandalas, matching and harmonizing these 3 elements. I could experience this permanent state of creation and be part of everything she created, as I was also involved by the beauty of her work, including the co-creation of the mandala final arts… Since then, I could understand much, much better the Circle Dances with which I had had very little contact until then. I managed to access inner parts of myself not before exploited… I would spend hours guessing “how” it was possible. Every song selected by Adriana seemed to match and belong to those images… It was amazing, and while dancing them, it all made sense. I know there is mystery, a certain magic in all this, but through this choreographed composition, I have experienced what I had never felt before: The Movement that really Heals and Transforms. My life gained different colors, different rhythms and much more movement.

This magic creation, of supreme inspiration and spirituality, is Adriana Bisconsin’s masterpiece, as she succeeds to match beautiful songs, amazing choreographies and enlightened mandalas that come alive in motion when they are danced.

It is Love feeding and elevating the Spirit, healing the Body through Beauty.

By Ricardo Peixoto Ribeiro


In August 2018, Adriana launched her book Mandalas in Motion, both in Switzerland and in Brazil. This book shows 33 circle dance mandalas including 9 QR Codes, through which the dances and their respective mandalas in motion may be accessed.

Also in August 2018, a group of 35 people, who had already attended at least one Mandalas in Motion workshop, went to Lucerne, Switzerland, to the same hotel where the history started in August 2014. There they attended the I Mandalas in Motion International Immersion and also visited that beautiful country in the second week. In that occasion, Monika Cortesi, the author of the Mandala Book that inspired Adriana, was present to the workshop and she and Adriana could meet one another.

In August 2020, a new group of dancers will get together in Lucerne for a new edition of the Mandalas in Motion Immersion in Switzerland, followed by a beautiful sightseeing-tour week in the Tuscany.


Mandalas in Motion – 2019 Agenda

December 6 thru 8 – Mandalas Life in Barra do Ibiraquera, Imbituba–SC – Last vacancies!

Mandalas in Motion – 2020 Agenda

March 7 thru 13 – II Edition of Mandalas in Motion Immersion in Barra do Ibiraquera, Imbituba–SC.

March 20 thru 22 – Mandalas in Motion Dance in Nova Lima-MG.

April 3 thru 5 – Mandalas in Motion Life in Cascavel-PR.

April 24 thru 26 – Mandalas in Motion Love in Monteiro Lobato-SP.

August 27 thru September 13 – III Edition of Mandalas in Motion International Immersion in Lucerne, Switzerland, and touristic week in the Tuscany, Italy.

September 18 thru 20 – Mandalas in Motion Life in Hamburg, Germany.

October 2 thru 4 – Mandalas in Motion Dance in Monteiro Lobato-SP.

November 27 thru 29 – Mandalas in Motion Life in Campinas-SP.


Information: – Phone & WhatsApp +55 41 99283 6190



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