Livro Mandalas em Movimento


Mandalas in Motion Book

The book Mandalas in Motion is the consolidation of both an adorable journey and a unique and deep meditative experience.

Mandalas in Motion: It is a book of Mandalas and their Circle Dance images. It also tells the history that led to the creation of this beautiful work. There are 3 chapters: Life, Love and Dance. There are 33 Mandalas, 33 paths of possibilities of rejoining your center. It is a surprising and unique book of Circle Dances. It is a work that reveals a spiritual path of deep connection to your inner center, through images in motion and dances. It contains QR Codes for 9 Dances, through which you may download the choreographies with exclusive access.

The book may include a set of Mandalas in Motion cards, which can be used as meditative tool.

It is innovative, artistic and profound. This creation of great inspiration and spirituality is Adriana Bisconsin Ribeiro’s masterpiece, as it succeeds to gather beautiful music, lovely choreographies and illuminated mandalas that create life and movement. It is Love feeding and elevating the Spirit and healing the Body through the Beautiful.

Our hearts were filled with full happiness with the publication of this delicate work.

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Value: US$,50 (set of cards included)

About the Author: Adriana Bisconsin

Co-founder of Giraflor Danças Circulares, created in 2006. Music Therapist, Writer and Researcher of music applied to Circle Dances. Facilitator and Choreographer of Circle Dances since 2004. Circle Dance Training with Friedel Kloke-Eibl: Meditation Des Tanzes. Master in Neurolinguistics Programming. Teacher of Circle Dance workshops in several Brazilian States. Teacher of Circle Dances at Centro de Capacitação em Artes Guido Viaro in Paraná State, where she was a pioneer and rooted the Circle Dance legacy. Adriana conducts Circle Dances in the areas of Health, Education and Organic Circle Creations.


Author: Adriana Bisconsin Ribeiro

ISBN: 978-85-65515-34-4
Publisher: Arte Editora – 1st Edition

Revision: Ricardo Peixoto Ribeiro
Year of Edition: 2018

Subject: Self Consciousness – Mandala – Dance – Religious aspect – Philosophy
Language: Portuguese
Country of edition: Brazil
Height: 24 cm
Width: 24 cm
Nº of Pages: 92

Value: US$50 (set of cards included)

(set of 33 cards included)