Our Courses

Circle Dance Facilitators’ Training – beginners

From the Seed to the Flower. “Every Seed has a Flower inside itself”.

This Intensive Circle Dance Workshop is for beginners.

The repertoire includes the diversity of rhythms that permeate the traditional and contemporaneous circle dance world.

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Mandalas in Motion

Mandalas in Motion is a Circle Dance Program comprising 33 Mandalas; 33 paths of possibilities for you to reconnect to your center. These

Mandalas are images of meditation and healing which, once connected to the dance movements, strengthen themselves resulting into a powerful vortex of health, creativity and protection.

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It is an open gathering of friends who meet to celebrate and dance Life. GiraEncounter I took place in Foz do Iguaçu; GiraEncounter II, in Curitiba, and GiraEnconters III, IV and V happened in Barra do Ibiraquera, Imbituba-SC, at Mevlana Garden Guesthouse.

The GiraEncounter will be held in March 2021. The date and theme are being set.

Registration in March 2020 / The work is conducted by Adriana Bisconsin.

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Cirandinha – Children’s little Circle

This workshop enables the participants to experience children’s dances and circle games so that they can learn how to stimulate the children’s rhythmic, body and affective development. The choreographic repertoire comprises dances and circle games from Brazil and the world.

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Women’s Ciranda

Through the delicate and tranquil dance, the harmonic movements and the silence and rhythmic pauses, the wisdom and interior peace are made present.

In every new issue of Women’s Ciranda, a new subject arouses and enchants, awakens the female magic and brings up life stories…

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The Dance

Inspired in Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s book.

The book “The Dance” brings up stories that touch us because they treat about universal questions. While introducing the issues, Oriah illuminates our way towards the liberating truth. For a deeper look into the questioning brought up by Oriah, we have selected a circle dance for each chapter of her book.

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