GiraEncounter 2020


“We meet one another in dancing points. The Dances intertwine, move away and get back to the origins. Being the start and the arrival point, we always get back, reencountering and renovating ourselves”.   Adriana Bisconsin – Giraflor.

It is an open gathering of friends who meet to celebrate and dance Life. GiraEncounter I took place in Foz do Iguaçu; GiraEncounter II, in Curitiba, and GiraEnconters III, IV and V happened in Barra do Ibiraquera, Imbituba-SC, at Mevlana Garden Guesthouse.

GiraEncounter VI will take place also at Mevlana Garden Guesthouse in March 2021. The theme and date are still to be defined.

Conduction of the work: Adriana Bisconsin – Co-founder of Giraflor Danças Circulares, created in 2006. Music Therapist, Writer and Researcher of music applied to Circle Dances. Facilitator and Choreographer of Circle Dances since 2004. Circle Dance Training with Friedel Kloke-Eibl: Meditation Des Tanzes. Master in Neurolinguistics Programming. Teacher of Circle Dance workshops in several Brazilian States. Teacher of Circle Dances at Centro de Capacitação em Artes Guido Viaro in Paraná State, where she was a pioneer and rooted the Circle Dance legacy. Adriana conducts Circle Dances in the areas of Health, Education and Organic Circle Creations.

Information: – Phone +55 41 99283 6190.